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Exciting - Empowering - Encouraging

Ramoth House! An experience I didn't know until I understood the value of what my life was missing. I have learned with hands on experience to be a positive influence in parenting my 13 month old son. This motivational time has opened my eyes to all future possibilities for success that my son and I can create.  I... Read More

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My Journey of Motherhood

Ramoth House has made a huge amazing impact on the way I look at life. When life is like a drive you'll always find curbs but that doesn't stop you from finding your way home. In this case it shows you who you are as a person.  Ramoth staff have taken the time to care and support and give to young woman and others... Read More

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My Stepping Stones in Becoming a Mom

Ramoth has been one of the most amazing yet challenging journeys in my life with my daughter Lily. When I first had Lily I took care of her of course, we had a bond, but I wasn’t making the right decisions that I should’ve been with her, and so my life came to a place where I had to choose -  it was either lose my... Read More

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A Mom Says Thank You!

18 years ago I was a teenager. I was stubborn, thought I knew everything there was to know about anything, and I associated with some interesting people. Like I said, I was a teenager. Typical in a lot of things! I was also scared, nervous, and very pregnant. I found out I was pregnant in January of 1994. I was... Read More

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