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Ramoth has been one of the most amazing yet challenging journeys in my life with my daughter Lily. When I first had Lily I took care of her of course, we had a bond, but I wasn’t making the right decisions that I should’ve been with her, and so my life came to a place where I had to choose -  it was either lose my daughter or I take on new chances of learning as I couldn’t live the lifestyle I was with my daughter. I searched up a couple places such as mothering homes/shelters and I found Ramoth, and the moment I went through the online tour, the moment I read about it, I knew this is where I wanted to be with Lily. I went for my interview and got accepted right on the spot. My first month of settling in was a bit hard (not going to candy coat it), getting used to routines, chores & dealing with a baby. Before I came to Ramoth I never lived on my own, let alone with a baby and I never really did any house work. Eventually you fall into routine and it doesn’t seem so hard, there are stressful days but the staff really helps you pull it together when you need it.

Amy helped me become familiar with my emotions and how to handle them with Lily and she helped me make goals for my daughter and I. But it wasn’t goals where it looked impossible to reach, she made it step by step, so eventually you reach your main goal and even from there you’ll always be making little stepping stones of you and your child’s life, things you think are going well to be proud of yourself & your child but things to recognize and improve on. I look at myself so many times today, I look back and realize, the woman I am today is all because of Ramoth. I have learned time management, work ethics, even budgeting. Before I came to Ramoth I had no income, but throughout the months of classes with the budgeting teachers I learned to save and handle the money I got and I saved enough for mine and Lily’s future. I learned how to cook too, they had some pretty interesting recipes that I never heard of but I loved and usually I am not one to try new foods or really eat big meals but being there I felt comfortable in that way. I learned so much from being here and am still learning to this day. That is where as a mother it’s important to know you can never know everything, you can always learn more or even different ways of doing things that work best for you and your child.

Ramoth was not even just the learning aspect of mine and Lily’s life though. I also got the support I needed, I felt like I had a second family, which at the time I really needed. All of the staff have been nothing but helpful, I could always go to them when I needed advice, any questions, even just to talk. Even when it came to the time of me getting prepared to be on my own at the apartments (Step 2), they helped me by giving me useful hints that I use today like little home remedies, everything. The staff and residents were great because we all had something in common and I made new friends by getting involved in baby groups. I have reached out to a couple people still and Lily is to this day enjoying playgroups and being around others. Ramoth did special things around holidays and even though some holidays we couldn’t spend with our families they made Lily and I feel loved and cared for and for me I felt appreciated as a mother, which as we all know as a mother sometimes you don’t give yourself credit for everything you have sacrificed for your child. I’ve created such a great bond with Lily, she is my world, and I could keep going on about the great things I learned and experienced here. I have never felt so accomplished, never been so ambitious and confident until I went to Ramoth with my daughter. Ramoth was our home to grow, and it was the best, but at the time most difficult decision I ever made, though I would never take it back and I don’t know how I could ever thank Ramoth enough.