Sometimes it can be hard to leave a support system behind as you go out on your own and spread your wings.  It can be lonely trying to find a community to be part of as you have come so far and not every one may be able to see that.  Step 3: Ramoth Extended Care is a way for you to still be able to keep in touch when you choose to move away from Ramoth.  It's like having a friend visit that you don't get to see as often as you used to - someone outside of your regular circle who can listen to your thoughts, questions and concerns and celebrate and cheer with you all that is going well. 

The Ramoth Staff will visit you in your home or community as arranged with you.  This is not mandatory but is available for residents who have graduated from Step 1 and/or 2.  Think of it as an opportunity to sit, have a coffee and catch up.  We love to hear how you are growing and taking your own steps in your journey!