3 Step Program of Care

Ramoth Life Centre is a non-denominational, non-profit, charitable organization that is governed by a Board of Directors.  The name "Ramoth" was inspired by an old Testament city which was designated as a place of refuge.  Ramoth Life Centre was created to be a modern day place of refuge for young women and infants.

Ramoth Life Centre offers a Three Step Program of Care:

Step 1: Ramoth House

Ramoth House is a cooperative living residence serving young women who are pregnant or parenting a child under one year of age. Young women are welcome to enter the program at any stage in their pregnancy or after the birth of their child.

Our service is unique because we offer the option of long term accommodation as well as twenty-four hour support to our clients. The ability to offer long term stays allows Ramoth House to provide more intensive training of the life skills necessary for a successful transition to independent living.

Step 2: Ramoth Apartments

Ramoth Apartments are furnished, two bedroom independent apartment units located next door to Ramoth House.  This service is designed to aid moms in transitioning from the residential setting of Step 1 to the independence of their own apartment while still having the support and encouragement of the Ramoth Staff.  Moms have an opportunity to learn how to build community networks of support as they invest in their family's future.

Step 3: Ramoth Extended Care

The Extended Care Program can be summarized as the support and encouragement of a friend; a third party, outside of our moms' life circle, who will listen to her thoughts and concerns. Ramoth staff can meet with a young woman in her home community as a further way to transition towards independance.