Fundraising Projects (2022-2023)

With your help, we hope to complete a few projects at Ramoth House in 2022. If you are led to contribute or volunteer for any of these projects, please specify when sending your donation or call if you would like to volunteer your time.

Our 15-year-old fence needs to be replaced. It has sunk into the ground and we are finding that the trees behind it have cause damage to the fence. Also, this 4-foot fence is not stopping unfavorable characters from jumping over therefore we would like to put up an 8-foot fence to stop this problem thus providing a more secured area for our moms and their children. The quote for this project is approximately $5,000.00. To contribute, please specify “Fence Replacement” when sending your donation.

Ramoth yard has two very large trees in the backyard we have been informed need to come down. The two large trees are splitting and dying and the smaller ones have grown up behind the fence as weeds and have now grown into the hydro lines. We have a quote of $5,000.00 to remove these trees. To contribute, please specify “Tree Removal” when sending your donation.

After 21 years of wear and tear, the last four rooms need a new lift. We would like to replace the carpet with flooring. This quote is $8,426.23. To contribute, please specify “Flooring Replacement” when sending your donation.

  • Cheques should be made out to "Ramoth Life Centre of Mount Forest", designated for the specificed project of your choice, and mailed to Ramoth Life Centre.  
  • Visit our "donate now" page on Canada Helps and make an online donation to Ramoth Life Centre.  When asked if you would like to send a message, include the project you wish to donate to.  

If you have any questions, please contact the office at (519) 323-3751.

Annual Fundraiser Dinner 2022 Video

Progress- in our organization and the lives of our clients. Thanks to those who donated in-person and online, we received over $25,000 during our annual fundraising dinner.

2021 Online Fundraising Event

A message of hope, a story of change and a community working together