Step 2 of the Ramoth Program of Care was designed to help you in transitioning from the residential setting of Step 1 to the independence of your own apartment while still having the support and encouragement of the Ramoth Staff. This extension of the Ramoth House parenting support program provides you with an opportunity to further establish life skills in a stable environment that offers weekly meetings to support you in making healthy life choices for your family. The Stepping Stones Plan for Step 2 is based on your plan that includes strategies for parenting education and support, money management skills, home management strategies, as well as education and employment plans.  (The Stepping Stones Plan can be downloaded below.) Moms are encouraged to join community programs, to use daycare services and to further their education or seek employment. 

You can get more information on our Step 2 program by reading through our Apartment Expectations Form and our Resident Handbook (both can be downloaded below).

Some moms may feel that they do not need the intensive support of Step 1 or have other young children in their care and would rather enter into Step 2.  While this may be an option, please know that our moms graduating from Ramoth House will be given priority. 

If Step 2 interests you and you are not seeking a longterm placement in Step 1: Ramoth House, please get in touch with the Ramoth office at (519) 323-3751 to discuss the necessary steps on how to proceed.  Please be advised that this will require a short-term stay at Ramoth House while an assessment and plan is made for eligibility.  An application is available on this page for you to download and complete.  It can be sent directly back to us or a paper copy can be faxed to the office at (519)323-3752.