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Ramoth House! An experience I didn't know until I understood the value of what my life was missing.

I have learned with hands on experience to be a positive influence in parenting my 13 month old son.

This motivational time has opened my eyes to all future possibilities for success that my son and I can create.  I have learned to not just be a mom but to be a safe, clean, loving, organized mom who can stay on a schedule, attend classes, cook, bake, do chores all while having a healthy balance for myself to attend church, get fresh air, exercise, read, visit with family and participate in extra-curricular activities within the community.

Ramoth understand where I am at in the present, they do not judge me on my past and they are helping light the way with proactive planning for my future.

I feel excited, empowered and encouraged to embrace all these healthy changes and confident that I have learned and developed the skills needed to continue with success on this fun-filled journey with my son.

I am so grateful for Ramoth House and this program and to complete the Step 2 program.

~ Lisa & son