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Ramoth House has made a huge amazing impact on the way I look at life. When life is like a drive you'll always find curbs but that doesn't stop you from finding your way home. In this case it shows you who you are as a person.  Ramoth staff have taken the time to care and support and give to young woman and others including myself. I am a young mom who attended Ramoth Step One and Step Two programs. I've become more and more independent. We are always learning new ways to parent, coming up with solutions on problem solving and I have figured out who I am as a person and things I am doing.  Ramoth has helped me gain skills! I found while living at Ramoth that my confidence has always grown throughout the program. The house itself will make you feel encouraged to do more. Also the calm, safe environment gives you time to stay focused. Parenting can be very tough but they are willing to help you with your journey to success with lots of encouragement like they did for me. Thank you Ramoth staff! Turning dreams into reality to a path that always grows!

Love from a young mom & baby girl