Home Renovations

From time to time, things around Ramoth House and our Apartments need a little extra attention to keep our moms and babies feeling comfortable and safe.  In the next year we hope to raise funds towards the following projects:

Chest Freezers for our Step 2 Apartments: We have discovered that a valuable tool for our moms in our Step 2 program is a chest freezer so they can maximize grocery sales, freeze leftovers and stretch their budgetting dollar!  To purchase 3 freezers (3.5 cubit feet) we need to raise a total of $678.00.

Study Room Makeover: The study room at Ramoth House functions as a multi-purpose area.  At any given time a mom may be enjoying baby snuggles or rocking a fussy baby, working on homework, scrapbooking, puzzling, playing a game or talking on the phone.  To meet these needs and provide an enjoyable space for moms to relax, it needs a bit of TLC - new paint, a few minor repairs and some new furniture.  The total estimated cost for this project is $800.00 . 

2019 Renovations

Ramoth House Step 1

Kitchen Project: replacing our counter tops and black splash

Upstairs bathroom Project: floor was installed in 2000 needs to be replaced

Ramoth Office Project: our bathroom needs a new floor and cabinet

Prices for these projects will be available later in the year. As we receive quotes from contractors. If you would like to support one of these project. Please designate which project would be your choice.

If you would like to make a donation towards any of these projects please do so in any of the following ways:

- Mark cheques for the specificed project of your choice and mail to Ramoth Life Centre.

Visit our "donate now" page on Canada Helps and make an online donation to Ramoth Life Centre.  When asked if you would like to send a message, include the project you wish to donate to.

- Any questions, please contact the office at (519) 323-3751.