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On October 14th, we hosted another annual fundraising dinner with great success. With over 150 people attending in-person and online this year, we received a generous total of over $25,000 of our $30,000 goal! During the event, we were able to hear about the history and programs that make up the day-to-day life at Ramoth House, as well as hear renewed vision for the years to come. We received updates about past building projects that included cupboards and flooring for aparment #1 being completed and installed in 2022. Our Executive Director, Brenda Tubman, also informed us that the donated funds will be put towards staff wages and a designated portion will be put towards future building projects that need to be completed.

We were able to hear an inspiring story from a client that has progressed from Ramoth House Step #1 to Step #2, living in the Apartments. To see the video version of the annual fundraiser as well as this testimonial, click on "fundraising" in the top bar of our website.

We are grateful to every staff member, volunteer and vendor that made this possible. We are also extremely grateful to each and every person who joined us, supported and prayed for this event. We will see you again next year!