Home Renovations

From time to time, things around Ramoth House need a little extra attention to keep our moms and babies feeling comfortable and safe.  In the next year we hope to raise funds towards the following projects around the house:

New Beds - COMPLETED! We are pleased to announce that we were able to replace all the resident mattresses and box springs at Ramoth House in April 2017 with a generous donation from Blessings to You Centre in Palmerston, ON!  With additional funds raised at our Spaghetti Dinner, we were also able to replace our staff bedroom mattress and box spring. 

Kitchen Floor - The kitchen is a hub of activity at Ramoth - meals are prepared and shared, formula made, baking done and life skills taught.  The kitchen floor is tired and worn and needs to be replaced for a cost of $4,080.

Window Blinds - Over the years our blinds have had to work hard and many need to be replaced.  The total cost to replace blinds in our upstairs hallway, bedrooms and bathroom is $293+ tax.

Bathroom Floor - One of our bathroom floors is cracking and wearing through.  For our moms and little babies, this is becoming a bit of a problem.  To replace this floor we need to raise $1,030.

If you would like to make a donation towards any of this projects please do so in any of the following ways:

- Mark cheques for the specificed project of your choice and mail to Ramoth Life Centre.

Visit our donate page on Canada Helps and donate to Ramoth Life Centre online.  When asked if you would like to send a message, include the project you wish to donate to.

- Any questions, please contact the office at (519) 323-3751.